'Eadga Trukknomanca'
Basic Info
Age Normal Ork size
Birthday "Wot'z a... burf day?"
Gender He'z a right killy boy, he iz
Species Ork
Occupation Fightn' Winnin' an buildin' stuff
Affiliation Lost Light Rebellion
Homeplanet Gorkamorka
Powers Smashin' stuff real good, shootin' stuff, real good, buildin' stuff real good, an' usin' da WAAAGH! (It doesn't work as well on 'umies, doe...)
Weapons Shootas, choppas, all dat good killy stuff!
Equipment Deffgun
Status Active
Face Claim Any ol ' ork boy dere is!
Series of Origin Warhammer 40,000 (modified)
Player Nash

'Eadga Trukknomanca' is an Ork Mekboy plying his orky craft aboard the Lost Light. After being freed from a "Panzee git" slavemonger by the name of "Gold Digger", 'Eadga decided he wanted to smash stuff for the guys who did Gold Digger in.

History Edit

'Eadga began his life as a simple mekboy, notable only for being able to build particularly fast, particulary 'ard and particularly killy wartrukks. Thus earning him the title of "Trukknomanca" Now, for most orks, the simple life of fighting, winning and looting on Gorkamorka would all they'll ever needed.

'Eadga isn't most orks.

There came a night when 'Eadga looked up into the night sky for a bit too long, and he said to the burnaboy next to him "Oi. 'dere's gotta be more to life dan just smashin' stuff on dis big ol' rok."

"Yeh? Wot else could dere be, ya git?"

"Smashin' stuff up in da stars!"

And so 'Eadga dared to dream. As he built the shootas and the trukks and the choppas his warboss demanded, 'Eadga hid a few supplies away at a time. All to build the vessel that would take him up to fight the "Spaceyboyz" he just knew were out there.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Like any Ork worth his stinkin' hide, 'Eadga is quite a capable fighter. Not only was he born with an innate sense of how to use a Choppa' and Shoota', but his Orkish physiology allows him to shrug off wounds that would be fatal to most races. Losing an arm is just an excuse to graft a shiny new choppa to the stump.

'Eadga also has the gift of being a "Mekboy", or an Ork who was born with the know-how to build weapons, explosives, armor, machines and even vehicles. Hand 'Eadga a pile of scrap and he'll be able to make something useful of it.

Relationships Edit

Logan Nash -"Dat one humie wiff da killa kan. He's dead 'ard, he is."