Creation Edit

Millions of years ago, two celestial kami, gods, appeared.  At this point in their lives they would be known as Izanagi and Izanami no mikoto.  They created a set of five worlds, sustained by their own energy for light.  A time displaced group of humans would bare witness to the creation of these worlds resulting in the birth of the Izanami and Izanagi legends on Earth.

The First Deaths Edit

Izanagi and Izanami would descend to one of these worlds, each world believes there's to have been the one where the couple landed, to live in peace for several generations, the two adopting forms based on the time displaced humans they encountered and created new forms of life based on them.  They observed and begat many children who became new gods to serve their worlds. However, when Kagu-tsuchi, a god of fire, was born from his Mother, she suffered intense spiritual burns and damage, only enough to bare his sister, Mizuhame, a goddess of water, before dying.  Immediately following Izanami's death, Izanagi was filled with rage and grief, and his new son had began to grow berserk, consuming and killing the plant life on the planet they were on, as such, Izanagi let his anger consume him, ending in the death of Kagu-tsuchi, but using his power, Izanagi made certain that Kagu-tsuchi would live on, the young god's blood going on to beget many other new gods.

Visiting the Underworld Edit

In a desire to see his wife again, Izanagi traveled to the Underworld, Yomi no Kuni, to retrieve her.  Izanami insisted that he not look upon her and that they simply leave then and there, but when he lit his torch to see her, he'd been horrified to find that Izanami had been twisted beyond the woman he knew.  The form ultimately meant nothing to him, but to see her consuming the souls of the deceased and denying them any sort of reincarnation shocked and appalled him, and so he ran from Yomi no Kuni, back towards the portal to his home, however, not wanting to lose him despite what she'd become, Izanami sent Raijin and Yomotsu-shikome after him.  While he ultimately escaped, Izanami left him with the warning that as long as he wasn't hers, she'd kill one thousand people everyday, Izanagi bravely retorted that he'd give life to 1,005 people everyday.

Cleansing Edit

Upon his return from Yomi, Izanagi underwent a cleansing ritual and bath in which several gods were ultimately born from. Three of the most notable being Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, born from his eyes, and Susanoo, born from his nose. Amaterasu's energy and life force became the source of energy for the system's new sun, and when Amaterasu's physical avatar itself is destroyed, serves as her body. Tsukuyomi governs over the moons.