The events for The Lost Light: Rebellion start 38 years after the defeat of Unicron and the end of the Cybertronian wars, it's been approximately 35 years since the Jupiter Empire began to form. As the Jupiter Empire is headed by a pair of cybertronians, they primarily use a version of the Gregevorian Calendar, a mashup of cybertronian and human calendar dates. After the defeat of the Empire, the Gregevorian Calendar entered a new age, AU(After Unicron).

38 AU= The Start of Lost Light

38 AU= 2335 A.D.

Timeline of Events on Earth Edit

  • 1940's Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein RPG, and the first heroic age starts.

The Invaders (Captain Amercia, The Human Torch, Namor, etc) arrive just as William J. "BJ" Blazkowitz defeats the "Harbinger of Doom" and it curses his family

  • 2017-???: Shining Light: A Time Of Heroes
  • 2099-2100's With the Heroes of 2017 either dead or old as fuck, new heroes rise, from the likes of Kamen Rider Aqua and Spider-man 2099, to Shooting Star MegaMan

Remnants of the Smart Brain Corporation, SHOCKER, World 3 and the recently defunct Alchemax company decide to form together into a single organization, one that for the longest time would be a sleeper: The Union Aerospace Corporation.

  • 2200's The UAC is still going, they haven't seemed to do any outwardly evil things, and even helped a young child going by the moniker "Commander Keen" defeat an invading army of Aliens, however the UAC's unable to make heads or tails of the salvaged tech for the longest time. Over all they advertise themselves as the "Wave of humanity's future" as they plan space colonization.
  • 2250: The first Earth-Human space colony with Artificial Gravity is launched by the UAC, humans quickly adapt to life there.
  • 2300: The UAC colonizes Mars
  • 2330: Dr. Malcolm Betruger makes a deal with the head demon of hell's circle of violence, The Maledict, whom wants to do what the previous hell lords had failed to do during the heroic age and conquer Earth. Malcolm's initially attempt to bring the circle of violence to Mars and launch an invasion of Earth fails thanks to a Lone Marine who worked his way back out of hell and found an ancient martian artifact, defeating the Harbinger of Doom in its new form, The Cyberdemon.

Later that year, Betruger would attempt invading again after having fused with the Maledict. He'd be thwarted by a Marine wielding his own artifact, The Bloodstone, against him.

  • 2335 "Present Day": while in another timeline, the Marine from the events 5 years prior would once again take on the forces of hell, in this one, a man known to the demons as the "Doomslayer" breaks out and takes on the armies of hell's Circle of Violence. While unknown to most, this man is, in reality, a previous universe's version of the Marine. He's rather pissed that the UAC in this universe made the same mistakes. The scientist "Shockwave" is on Mars studying the sudden appearance of these new life forms. Shockwave's own experiements with mixtures between Energon and Argent Energy, however the device he created goes BERSERK creating transwarp "Space time"Bridges forming all through out Earth's history, resulting in humans from various ages on the planet to end up inhabiting other worlds in the universe at large. Mass Disappearance of people in history to never return? Chances are they were transported to some other planet in the past. Or died in the depths of space.
  • 2335- The "Doom Slayer" encounters a seemingly non malevolent "Hell Lord" with a form of light that helps him re-seal hell. Unfortunately leaving Mars and Earth open for Jupiterian Invasion, whether or not the Empire will make a move remains to be seen.

Units of Time Edit

  • Klik- 1.2 minutes
  • Cycle- 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Mega-Cycle- 93 hours/about 4 earth days
  • Deca-Cycle- 3 weeks (equivalency to a month)
  • Cybertronian Stellar Cycle- 7.5 months
  • Meta-Cycle- 13 Months; a galactic year

Months of the Gregevorian Calendar Edit

Alternative Names in Italics (based on the Gregevorian Calendar from animated but modified for this continuity specifically)

  • Ferruneon January
  • Navitaneon February
  • Primaneon March
  • Inrituneon April
  • Chokoneon May
  • Zetcaneon June
  • Boltaneon July
  • Rokuneon August
  • Heptaneon September
  • Bahneon October
  • Vapeon- November
  • Flaseon- December
  • Dodekeon- Frensuary

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