Basic Info
Age 30
Birthday December 20th
Gender Female
Species Zoidian(Human)
Occupation Captain of Ship, Zoid Pilot
Affiliation The Lost Light, Rebels, LL Pirates
Homeplanet Zi
Powers Can speak to zoids
Weapons energy pistol
Equipment N/A
Status Alive
Face Claim Yowane Haku
Series of Origin ???
Player Ivory
Charlotte is the current owner the starship "The Lost Light", as she's made it her personal mission to fight against the Jupiter Empire, she's traveling through out the galaxy to recruit as many people who sympathize with her cause as possible, along with picking up any strays or refugees, it's a big ship after all.

History Edit

Charlotte was born and raised on Planet Zi, home of the mechanical beasts known as zoids. Growing up alongside the mighty beasts, she grew to understand and come close to them.

In her 20's she became a top knotch zoid coliseum battler, but it would seem that when the Jupiter Empire attacked, all of her battling skills would go to waste.

They attacked swiftly using some sort of crystal known as "Rare Hertz" that caused the Zoidian's Zoid partners to go out of control. While Charlotte's ability to speak with her zoids allowed her to maintain control of them for a bit longer than most, she'd ultimately have no choice but to flee the planet with them leaving it to be conquered.

However Charlotte refused to let that be the end of the story, using the small ship she managed to escape in with her zoids, she slowly gathered a small crew. They plundered the vast seas of space in defiance of the empire, causing Charlotte to gain a reputation as "The Pirate from the Pit" among higher Imperial forces.

It was in a small space port that Charlotte would find what she believed to be the starting point to truly fighting back against The Empire, an old cybertronian ship labeled "The Lost Light".

Personality Edit

Charlotte always seems to put on a cocky and joke ridden facade, playing up the stereotype of the "Drunk Pirate Captain. But in reality she's painfully aware about how any day could be her last, and she just wants to put the largest hole in the Empire that conquered her home planet as possible.

Relatioships Edit

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