Instructions Edit

To use this layout, take the following steps:

  1. Copy the full code in the box below
  2. When creating your character page, click 'Source' mode in the top right corner of the editing screen
  3. Paste the entire code into the Source page
  4. Go back to 'Visual' mode (located next to Source in the top right)
  5. Follow the instructions provided with the layout itself.

Code Edit

 {{Character Infobox|Name = Character name here|image = picture file|Age = character age|Birthday= birthdate |Gender = character gender|Species = character species|Occupation = Character's job|Affiliation = ???|Homeplanet = ???|Powers = powers your character may have|Weapons = self explnatory|Equipment = N/A|Status = Alive/Deceased/other|Face Claim = |Player = player}}                                                          To edit the Character Infobox, simply click on the green puzzle piece, then hit the edit button in the bottom right corner. Follow the instructions to see what goes in each section. (For images, you need to already have the file uploaded through Photos in order to be able to reference it)
(Brief character concept: who they are and what they do
==Skills and Abilities==
 (an outline of your character's skills and abilities, be they fighting or more domestic)
 == History ==
 some of your character's history!
 == Personality ==
 a bit about your character's personality
 == Relatioships ==*
 a few bits of relationship info