Echidna is a lush beautiful planet filled with a wide assortment of intelligent species collectively known as Echidnians. Echidnians themselves are unique creatures as they are not a result of natural evolution but were biologically engineered organisms and now thrive on the planet they found themselves on in the absence of their creators. Situated in a far off corner of the known star systems, the planet and it's peaceful, welcoming natives are very much out of the reach of the Jupiter empire. At least for now.

While on the surface it appears to be a natural formed planet with a populace that live a primitive lives, the land is dotted with many strange spires and hidden underground 'tombs' that hearken back to the nearly lost history of the planet's predecessors; The Virtum, the great, nearly divine, technological wonders they possessed, and their excitation.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Echidan's original purpose was to serve as testing environment for the experimental lifeforms that would become known as the Echidnians. The large array of species created required a planet custom built to house and monitor all of them, with a wide variety of environments to test their adaptability and survivability in countless conditions.