Echidna is a lush beautiful planet filled with a wide assortment of intelligent species collectively known as Echidnians. Echidnians themselves are unique creatures as they are not a result of natural evolution but were biologically engineered organisms and now thrive on the planet they found themselves on in the absence of their creators. Situated in a far off corner of the known star systems, the planet and it's peaceful, welcoming natives are very much out of the reach of the Jupiter empire. At least for now.

While on the surface it appears to be a natural formed planet with a populace that live a primitive lives, the land is dotted with many strange spires and hidden underground 'tombs' that hearken back to the nearly lost history of the planet's predecessors; The angels, he great nearly divine technological wonders they possessed, and their excitation.

History Edit

The Age of the Angels. Edit

Said to the be the original inhabitants of the planet Echidna and the beings responsible for the creation of the Echidnian races, there is very much that is still unknown about the beings simply known simply as Angels. Working hard to learn about their own origins and rediscover the angelic lost history, the Echidnians have made many archaeological expeditions to various sites where strange deep blue spires rise from the ground or where the ceilings of ancient structures, called 'tombs' are close enough to the surface to be dug down to.

While the spires have proven so far impossible to enter due to the way the Angels have secured them, the tombs walls could be breached with a mighty, but simple, application of force. All manner of strange technology and records written in the angelic language were found within...

According to what old texts that have been translated,