Erdezwei is a contested world in the process of fighting off annexation by the Jupiter Empire.

History Edit

The Superpower EraEdit

In the decades preceding the Cross-Ekonic War, Erdezwei consisted mostly of four powerful political entities and their spheres of influence.

The Cross-Ekonic War Edit

This balance was broken when two of these powers, the League of West Ekonic Democracies (LOWED) and the Imperia Bardona engaged in a heated saber rattling match. It came to a head when two mysterious bombers wearing the colors of LOWED member states carpet bombed the Bardonese port city of Viriopolis.

War were declared, Bardona crosses the Ekonic Ocean to "acquire" LOWED nations, gets their teeth kicked in by civilian insurgents, who in turn cross the Ekonic to aid the insurgency that popped up in Bardona. The Imperium is toppled and all was well...

For a week.

Here we go again: Jupiterian OccupationEdit

Not even two weeks after the Imperia Bardona collapsed, the Jupiter Empire swooped in to take advantage of the chaos. A collective groan raised from the insurgents as they had to do all this shit over again.

Wildlife Edit