Galvan B is the moon of the world Galvan Prime. While it was once a normal terrestrial moon, an experimental terraforming technology actually caused the moon to cyberform, and a new sort of life form, the techno-organic Galvanic Mechamorph, to be born. The cyberforming device now serves to produce the DNA and CNA of the species to birth new individuals.

History Edit

The world of Galvan B was originally a lifeless moon with little to no atmosphere, but a group ofGalvan Scientists lead by the legendary Azmuth, traveled to the moon in a mission to terraform it. However their device quickly started doing something unexpected, and while the moon was now habitable by oxygen breathing races, the planet itself was practically a machine. Not long after the cyberforming of the world, the Galvanic Mechamorphs started to surface. Realizing what they'd done, the Galvans took responsibility for their new creation and helped them quickly foster into a civilization of their own with a Government of their own. Due to the Mechamorph's natural abilities to interface with, adapt, understand, and even upgrade technology, they quickly entered the space fairing age.

However when their creator's homeworld of Galvan Prime fell to the Jupiter Empire, the populace of Galvan B quickly fell victim as well, not having nearly enough time to adapt around the Jupiterian's new and experimental tech.