Galvan Prime is the primary populated planet of the Galvan system, it and its moon, Galvan B, orbiting around their yellow star, Galvan. The planet is primarily populated by the Galvan species, quite the ego they have naming everything after themselves.

History Edit

Galvan Prime's native sentient species are the diminutive Galvan, a tiny bug eyed race with strange bug eyes and massive super intelligence, which is especially bizarre for a species of such short stature. They've survived the odds through out history via their intuitive minds and constant new inventions, it's only thanks to these that they've managed to establish dominance of their world.

For a time, The Galvan considered themselves "Peace Keepers" of the Galaxy. This lasted for awhile, with the race starting the group known as the "Galactic Patrol", or as they're commonly nicknamed on Earth, "The Plumbers". However their entire organization fell apart when Albedo, a Galvan jealous of his mentor, Azmuth, provided the Jupiter Empire, with intelligence on the major cities, as well as access to advanced and experimental Galvan tech. With their might bolstered by Albedo's contribution, the Jupiter empire conquered Galvan Prime overnight. Azmuth is presumed dead.