Gorkamorka is a minor backwater planet populated entirely by Orks and orkoid sub-races such as the squiggoths, the snotlings and the grots. The planet gets it's name as a portmanteau of the names of the two Orkish gods. Gork and Mork. The god of Brutal Kunnin' ("He smashes ya when youz ain't lookin', see?") and the god of Kunnin' Burtality ("'E krumps ya even 'arder when you iz lookin'!"). Nobody can decide which god is which, and many a fight has broken out over the distinction.

Most often, the orks that make up the population of Gorkamorka are more than content to spend their lives planetside, fighting, winning, looting and rokking. But a rare few set their sights for the stars. These intrepid greenskins, should they successfully make it into space, join the hallowed, legendary ranks of the "Spaceyboyz" back home on Gorkamorka.

Biology Edit

Major Warbands Edit

Snakebites: Orks who prefer to smash stuff the ol' fashioned way. "Youz don't need nuffin' more fancy dan a good ol' fashioned choppa an' sum warpaint, ya git. What kullur you'z choose for yer warpaint's up ta you doe. Dat ain't nun of me buziness..."

Bad Moonz: Tend to grow teeth (and thus, orkish money) much faster than other clans, and thus are able to afford fancier, flashier weapons and armor. As such, they consider themselves to be the nobility of Gorkamorka. Asserting that higher status by attempting to use words far too big for an orkish mind to use, but sound super killy. Such as "Annihilate" "devastation" and "Armoire".

Goffs: A gloomier, more brooding warband.

Evil Sunz': GOTTA GO FAST.

Deffskullz: Make their way on Gorkamorka by stealing anything they can from other warbands, any 'humies or other races unfortunate enough to crash land on Gorkamorka, or from each other.

Blood Axez: (Since every ork in LL is on a Blood Axes level of intelligence, I'll need some new lore for these guys.

Relationship with the Jupiter Empire Edit

Most of the boyz living on Gorkamorka have no idea what the Jupiter Empire even is.

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