Situated on the planet Strophios, this facility is one of a number of Jupiter Empire controlled academies dedicated to the study and use of Extrasensory Perception, or Psychic Powers. Of them all, however, Griedhurst has been known as the best among its kind, at least until their greatest project went awry. Since then, in order to continue to prove their worth, the academy has begun practicing far harsher and more invasive research and training methods.

Areas Of Study Edit

The following psychic phenomenon have been recorded, studied and arranged into categories. Individual talent always presents a certain measure of unique approach, but generally speaking a great many 'gifts' can be assigned to one of the following areas of study;

  • Telepathy

Projecting one's mental self, absorbing mental information, or both. The most common, but most varied among ESP styles.

  • Telekinesis

Creating or projecting force, either in sharp bursts or carefully controlled manipulation.

  • Pyro/Cryo/Electrokinesis

Control over temperature or electrical energy, allowing one a perceived control over the elements.

  • Technopathy

Manipulation of electrical and digital signals to interface with technology - a much more telepathic form of electrokinesis.

  • Divination

The act of looking beyond reality as it stands, whether through time or into other forms of dimensional existence

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