Izanagi is one of the two creator gods of the Amaterasu System, serving as the primary parent of the majority of the star system's deities. He is viewed to protect and defend life and spread light to all those who need it.

Other than that, not much is known of this being, for after creating the means for the Myobu and Kizoku to carry out his will, he seemingly vanished from the physical plane of reality all together. He still exists in spirit and assists others at times in great moments of peril.

History Edit

Early in the Amaterasu System's history, two celestial entities descended, and after having a marriage of sorts, the two began to create planets for the system. However, later, after childbirth Izanami died.

At first Izanagi tried to recover his beloved from Yomi, the Underworld, but upon seeing her eat souls, Izanagi fled. Izanami took chase, and threatened that she'd kill 1,000 every day without him, he gave the counterclaim of 1,500 would be given life everyday then. It's through this event that Izanagi would become known as a deity of life and light, and his former wife would become the deity of death and the void.

Eventually Izanagi realized he couldn't defend everyone in the system at once and so created the talismans used by the Myobu and Kizoku today.