The Moon Rabbits of the Amaterasu System are a mystic race of humanoid beings with lagomorphic features, created by the deity, Tsukiyomi, millenia ago in his isolation on Terra'su's moon, Tsuki.

Biology Edit

Moon Rabbits are very long lived, living for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years; it doesn't appear that they age physically.

Moon Rabbits are naturally attuned with magics associated with their creator, Tsukiyomi, meaning their bodies are naturally adept at manipulating water through artificial gravity created through the use of the mana in their bodies.

Blutz Waves Edit

When exposed to undiluted blutz waves from a full moon, a moon rabbit's mana regeneration will skyrocket, it regenerating within mere minutes of use. However when the Blutz Waves are altered or diluted through some sort of filter, they have differing effects on Moon Rabbits.

  • Blood Moon Eclipse- A moon rabbits strength, speed, and endurance will increase by about 10 times, while also filling them with an uncontrollable blood lust, a carry over from their creator's own blood lust when he killed the Goddess of Food.

Culture Edit

Moon Rabbits are, usually, a very isolationist race, harboring intense xenophobia and tense relations against the other races in the Amaterasu system. They very much believe in the "purity" of things and feel as if meddling with that is heresy against their creator. Most dedicate their life and research to developing new healing magics and creating new more efficient forms of medicinal practice. The two branches of the "Tsuki" family are the primarily ruling castes, one side being the political rulers, and the other baring the more mystic and religious side whom are raised to by the Myobu or Kizoku of the Ocean.

However a particular group of moon rabbits do have a separate colony from the primary Tsuki ruling caste, this group, known as the "Shin Tsukians" use their magic to create a barrier between themselves and their more xenophobic counterparts, instead prompting to share their advanced medical knowledge and magics with the Amaterasu system at large. The Shin Tsukians believe themselves to be representing the actual will of their creator and the creator of the system, Izanagi, as well.