Nebula Gas is a gaseous material with mutagenic properties found in constructs created by Pandora's Box, along with the box itself. When injected with a concentrated formula of the gas, subjects either gain augmented strength and abilities, or are mutated into the monstrous SMASH. The Gas and its adaptive structure is useful in several weaponry and transformation based applications.

Biological Effects Edit

In its undistilled and unaltered state, Nebula Gas is toxic to both organic and inorganic life, but not lethal unless the life has pre-existing health issues. When injected into one's body it alters the DNA or CNA of the body to attempt to make use of the Gas in some method. How well the body can handle and utilize the Gas is known as their "Hazard Level.". The most common Hazard Level is 2.0, which causes someone to transform into a Smash if exposed to the gas. Those with a Hazard Level 1.0 die not long after the exposure, or transform and would soon perish after the Gas was removed from their body. To retain their original form, and gain a capability to grow in Hazard Level, one must have a Hazard Level of 2.1 or higher.

Having a Hazard Level of 3.0 or higher let's a subject use the transformative technology developed by Inarinoko Jo, such as the TranSteam Gun. One's hazard level can be raised either via high stress, consistent usage and exposure to bottles, or strong emotions.

FullBottles Edit

FullBottles are the result of Nebula Gas being stored into a device known as an "EmptyBottle" after having been exposed to a subject and purified. As a result users of full bottles can gain enhanced attributes of the creature or item depicted on a full bottle.

When used in the TranSteam Gun, a user can either fire attacks based on the bottle's subject, or transform into an armored form using it.