Terra'su is a central world to the Amaterasu System, it's the home to the Kitsune, Tsukumogami, and Yuki-onna races. It and its sister worlds serve as the backbone of Earth's Shinto mythology.

History Edit

Creation Edit

For more on this era, see: Amaterasu System Creation Story
 Millions of years ago, two celestial kami, gods, appeared.  At this point in their lives they would be known as Izanagi and Izanami no mikoto.  They created a set of five worlds, sustained by their own energy for light.  A time displaced group of humans would bare witness to the creation of these worlds resulting in the birth of the Izanami and Izanagi legends on Earth.                         

Birth of the Kitsune Race Edit

On Terra'su, Inari, the child of the sun godess, Amaterasu, felt it was time for her to make her mark on the worlds. She granted great intelligence, magic, and shapeshifting, to a group of foxes she told to be her messengers, and they spread word of her through out the land of Terra'su, worship growing fast, and with the power from the worship, she was more than able to handle those people's needs. In a way to honor her messengers, she elevated them into an entire new species, a majority of the foxes in this world at the time evolving into kitsune, and to honor them, she herself took on a kitsune like form.

War Edit

History of Terra'su is relatively un-noteable on the galactic scale, at least until the Jupiter Empire showed up and began to war on the world. Many Kitsune escaped, but many others stayed behind and are now fighting underground to try to push back the occupying alien forces.