Griedhurst's most ambitious project to date, and most recognised, the Daedalus project aimed to gather the galaxy's greatest potential young psychics, both from within and outside of the Empire borders, and refine them into the greatest weapons imaginable by breaking what is only referred to as the 'Upper Limit', the brain's recorded capacity for psychic activity.

The Project Specifications Edit

The accepted trigger to break the 'Upper Limit' was considered to be intense emotional and physical stress. As such, the Project began with the following outset;

  • 1,280 children and young adults from various races with psychic potential would be selected.
  • The project would span for 10 years with the intent of recording key results every cycle.
  • Of the subjects admitted, it was suspected that 300 would manage to develop their psychic abilities to the level of use in affecting the world around them, and only 1% of that number would break the limit.
  • With those estimations, the project was approved by Lord Straxus himself.

Known Remnants Edit

The five who count as the Daedalus Project's greatest successes and, subsequently, as Griedhurst Academy's greatest failures, have managed to successfully go beyond the 'Upper Limit' at least once during the Project. It was not an easily replicable feat, aside from the top three among the Remnants, who managed to display some degree of control over the Upper Limit itself.

After their escape, they became known as the Daedalus Remnants. Many walked down different paths, and even been known to return to the service of the Jupiter Empire.

They are listed in order of the grade they received, which matches the powers they managed to utilise. The J.E. requests that, should any of the following individuals be located, do not engage. Report the information to your nearest Jupiter Authority.

  • #1 - The Dimension Witch, Elizabeth Clariand. While her initial ability was minute, her awakening proved the most prominent. With free control over what appears to be multiple dimensions, she can both adjust the environment at will and seemingly make reality itself suit her needs, with few if any limitations.
  • #2 - [Curtis Northfield]
  • #3 - [Nathan Drake]
  • #4 - [File Not Found]
  • #5 - The Lunatic Psyker, Lukas Prestridge. Displayed the ability to control powerful, explosive bursts of psychic energy, whether utilised for precision blows or wide blasts. Unstable and Destructive. Only succeeded in breaking the Limit once, and did not display any subsequent ability to control it.