Lost Light
Item Info

Item Type Ship
Owner Captain Charlotte
Created by Unitrex Engineers
World of Origin Cybertron
Depicted using N/A

The Lost Light, the titular ship of the setting, is a ship originally designed for use by Cybertronians, and currently owned by the former pirate and zoid pilot known as Captain Charlotte. It serves, to a certain degree, as the staging grounds and homebase for the group opposing the Jupiter Empire, at this point only known as "The Rebellion".

Though unremarkable by Transformer standards, the Lost Light is an absolutely massive ship from the perspective of most, at a little over over 24 kilometers(about 15 miles) long and 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) wide. Apparently large enough for extra compartments to be attached to the ship without others noticing, the ship contains numerous facilities, from habitation suites and offices to workshops to those who require them, there's also a currently closed bar. There's also a medical center and large oil reservoir, not too far away from the ship's hangar which has dozens of other ships docked within. While the ship originally wasn't of much use to humans and other smaller organic life, a retrofit from a group of Galvanic Mechamorph mechanics made modifications and upgrades to the ship to make it suitable for beings smaller than cybertronians to use. Through out the ship there are hover transports and teleportation pads to make traversing the ship easier. The Lost Light, while originally an exploration vessel, also happens to have quite the diverse armament, likely upgrades given to the ship by its previous users, among these upgrades is a batch of Hedonian Proton Missile Launchers.

The Lost Light is a "hop ship" which utilizes insanely complex and advanced Quantum Engines to travel enormous distances in nearly an instant, though how far the distance does depend on how much power the ship currently has available. As these Quantum Engines literally warp the laws of physics to their beck and call, being close to them when they're active definitely isn't recommended for one's health. At the top of the ship, there's a group of orange "fuel quills" apparently essential to its operation, and in the depths of the ship you'll find the fuel furnances. The Fuel Furnaces are, at least in part, fueled by Nucleon Rods, and is manned by the ships' Galvanic Mechamorph mechanics.

History Edit

While not much is known of the Lost Light's history prior to its usage by The Rebellion, it was presumably named after the Cybertronian festival known as "The Lost Light Festival", and if one were to look through the ships data banks, they'd find it was previously known as the "Unitrex 1". It was purchased by its current owner after finding it being worked on and adapted by a group of Galvanic Mechamorph mechanics. The Mechanics were hired to work on the ship along side the crew the, then Pirate, Captain Charlotte had at the time.