Tobias Koole
Basic Info
Age 17
Birthday 3rd April
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Occasional Janitor
Affiliation Lost Light
Homeplanet Tieken
Powers None
Weapons None
Equipment None
Status Alive
Face Claim Kamijou Touma
Series of Origin To Aru Series
Player Baff

In a galaxy where the Jupiter Empire is stamping out rebellion wherever it might lie, with fearsome forces boasting a multitude of incredible powers, skills and creatures, one teenage boy has set out to right the wrongs of the universe and wipe away the evil plaguing its populace!

If you've ever seen anyone truly out of their depth, it was probably Toby Koole.

Boasting no extraordinary abilities, no particular talent with advanced weaponry, nor any training in any form of combat, Tobias James Koole typically serves as 'moral support' aboard a ship he really shouldn't be on, all considered, whilst also performing the occasional janitorial duties just to find some form of worth among the crowd.

List of Known Aliases: Edit

  • Cryan Branston
  • Koby Stoole

History Edit

While many can boast interesting tales of how and why they managed to climb aboard the beloved Lost Light, Toby simply stowed away as a refugee from a planet fighting a losing battle in a long war. Why the ship had landed on the planet Tieken is anyone's guess, as far as he knows, but he was lucky to even find it.

It's been around four months since then, and using such excuses as 'I've always been here' or 'Remember, you guys picked me up from that one time!', he's thus far managed to avoid the subject of exactly how he got on board.

Nonetheless, at least he believes in the cause they're fighting for.

Personality Edit

As the powerless surrounded by the powerful, Toby often feels the need to 'embellish' his capabilities when speaking to others. Worried that a lack of usefulness might get him thrown off his only safety net, he's stated to own a good number of very... specific abilities, such as advanced telekinesis - but only when there's a sufficiently messy room and he's completely alone, or HydroControl - but only when there's a flooded toilet and no-one's around to mess up his concentration.

Even with his compulsive lies, however, they come from a good heart. Toby Koole truly wishes he could do something to help, but his lack of capability only serves to remind him that he's the one that needed saving, and can't be the one to save others. In that aspect, he truly respects the crew of the Lost Light for the amount of effort they put in to stopping the menace that claimed his home.

Relationships Edit

  • None Known