Basic Info
Age N/A
Birthday N/A
Gender Male
Species Kami, Moon Rabbit
Occupation Kami
Affiliation Amaterasu System Kami
Homeplanet Tsuki
Powers Control over tides and water, shapeshifting, maaaagic, cleansing
Weapons ???
Equipment ???
Status Alive??
Face Claim n/a
Series of Origin shinto myth
Player Ivory
Tsukiyomi or Tsukuyomi is the kami of the moons in the Amaterasu System, and the Moon, Tsuki, in particular. Tsukiyomi fled to the moon, Tsuki, after being exiled and divorced by his sister, Amaterasu.

In his isolation he created the Moon Rabbits for company. Presumably, he married one, and this would lead to the Tsuki family's creation.

He's presumed to have either literally become one with Tsuki, the moon, or entered the spirit realm.